Tuesday 22 November 2022


It’s Tuesday morning, and half an hour or so before sunrise. The colourful sky suggests a ‘shepherd’s warning’, which basically means it’s going to piss down shortly. A short ballast train arrives, and because the quarry siding a mile of so away faces the colliery, the only reason for the train being here is so that the engine can run around its wagons before heading back to the mainline. 

The local spotters will later be distraught to hear that this minor celebrity of a loco, 20064 ‘River Sheaf’ has been allocated to this working which is usually a class 47 turn. But of course the internet isn’t yet a thing, so keen spotters have to know someone that works on the railway for the latest ‘gen’. 

On the left, Harry the Hammer wanders out to peruse the scene, to him it’s just the arrival ‘that train’, which twice a week appears half an hour or so before the end of his night shift. So for that reason, he’s pleased to see its arrival. 

Light bulb enthusiasts (they do exist), will notice the mercury vapour yard lamps giving off their distinctive slightly eerie soft green glow, but they’ll be sad to hear that they’re due to be replaced with those orange sodium bulbs which give faces a zombie like complexion. But I’m sure in time, they too, will have a following in one of the many circles of geekdom, something us Brits are world leading experts at. 

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