Sunday 20 November 2022

Nigel & Nosferatu

Much to the amazement of ‘Oh My Gawd’ Oliver and Bicycle Bill, Deidre Dinkle, the flirty sweetheart of the butter blending department at the local creamery jumps out of the cab of the unusual little engine. She’s just finished a ride around the network of dockland lines learning all about the hot steamy grubby brass control knobs, dials and levers used to operate a steam locomotive. 

To the left, Nasal Nigel appears much like Nosferatu rising out of a coffin at midnight - he being well rehearsed at appearing when least expected or wanted - especially at busy urban bus terminals around pub closing time. He’s never been this close to a ‘gurl’ before, other than when on a busy bus clutching his beloved TT gauge Tri-ang ‘A1A A1A’ diesel electric loco (in green of course to match his attire) which he keeps in the ‘special pocket’ of his sticky green flasher-mac for company.  

‘Mother’ has warned him about such creatures, especially the more outgoing ones, though the real truth is that ‘mother’ doesn’t want him to leave home, even though he’s 50 next year. Nigel best be careful though, because with all the excitement, he’s rather close to the edge of the platform and hasn’t noticed the arriving train. Don’t be like Nigel. 

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