Saturday 20 August 2022

Running the ‘shine

At a little known location somewhere on the edge of the Mendip Hills, the usual Saturday morning moonshine bargaining is going on. In recent weeks they’ve been moving about quite a bit more than usual to avoid creating too much of a pattern. 

Over there in the right, Humphrey Littletown, local cheese maker, dairy owner, euphonium player and jazz fancier is now running the goods for local bounder and cad Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe on the left. In Humphrey’s van, the stash of freshly filled mason jars filled with illicit booze are hidden behind huge truckles of cheddar cheese. 

Bidding has been harsh, but now it’s between Deliberation Dave, Barry Bullhead (from The Ministry of Misery) and ‘Oh dear boy don’t you know’ photographer Ivan Locksmith and his loyal hound Reginald. And and usual, Clive looks on from the loco cab wishing it was cider, he’s not really a spirit man. 

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