Monday, 8 August 2022

Monochrome Monday and Music

Monochrome Monday, high up on Mendip, possibly near Chilcompton an ex LMS ‘Jinty’ tank loco poses for the photographer next to the loading hopper.

And in other news, I need to escape toy train land from time to time, not many know it’s my day job which involves around commercial photography for Model Rail mag, model railway retailers and other customers. Model making commission work fills the holes in between.

So at the weekend I try gig or busk with my band Los Doritos, performing music mostly from the era of the long haired bank clerk, brown suits with huge lapels, Tupperware, Watneys Red Barrel and of course British Leyland. On Sunday we played at Godalming Staycation, a super event with lots of music and of course a beer stand or two! 

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