Saturday 27 August 2022

Barrel Tossing & Wasp Chewing Competition

Saturday morning at the engine shed. As usual little actual work is going on, but Doug knows that he needs pull his thumb out and coal up the loco and then transfer fresh coal on to the stage from the wagon behind the loco. 

Colin is flying his new drone, he took this photo on his new toy hovering 6 feet off the ground. Not many know that drones existed in the 1950s, but there is so much we’ve forgotten. Okay, I’m making that bit up - in reality Colin’s on his new notebook, calculating the alcohol by volume of his latest batch of cider. 

Arthritic Arthur has spent the last 15 minutes trying to sit down. Old age isn’t much fun. But Arthur hasn’t helped himself, for last night there was the annual beer cask chucking and wasp chewing competition at the local pub - some of those wooden ale casks can be rather heavy, especially the hogshead sized ones which are huge. 

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