Friday 5 August 2022

Honky Tonk Woman

An August Friday in 1969, the overnight mist and light rain is starting to clear, for the weather forecast is for another scorching day. 

Somewhere on the west of England mainline, sees a tatty Mk1 hauled by an equally tatty Class 22 heading east. The carriage was only painted BR blue and grey in the latter half of 1966, but it must have been a Friday job. However it will be heading for fresh paint job in September, hopefully the preparation will be less rushed this time. 

Our intrepid photographer, is officially here on assignment for the British Rail publicity department with his trusty Mamiya C33 and a few rolls of Ektachrome - this being the view through the lens. Coming towards us, a light engine Class 33 is heading to an unknown destination, it having escaped from the Southern Region most likely at Reading

And finally with the weekend just around the corner, The Rolling Stones are top of the UK Hit Parade with Honky Tonk Woman. Oh for that time machine.

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