Saturday, 30 July 2022

The Milk Train

Saturday morning, and Paddy & Shamus are waiting for the train to Tiverton Junction and then on to Exeter for a day out exploring the pubs. But they  should have checked the timetable, for the passenger service ended last year. But hopefully cider loving Colin is guard and will get the short milk train stopped so they can travel in the brakevan in exchange for some takeaway cider or beer upon their return.

This is the latest section in recreating the Hemyock branch line (it’s part of a much bigger layout). Unlike Hemyock, which is mostly scratch built, this cameo is using some wonderful secondhand buildings. Sadly the stone work (scribed plaster I think) on the delightful buildings to the left was literally crumbling away with age, but a good application of diluted PVA has stopped the deterioration. 

Next, Culmstock….. the baseboards have arrived… 

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