Saturday, 23 July 2022

Mobile Telephone

The inch high people of Little England are back from their holiday. They thought it good to get away before the ankle biters break up for their summer holidays and the prices double. 

Today they’re celebrating the launch of a new mobile telephone service. The telephone box can be operated from anywhere on the UK rail network, it being mounted on a flat wagon coupled to a brake van. The brake van contains batteries and a radio transmitter to link to the GPO exchange. 

Of course many of our usual characters are here…. From left to right, not so celebrated photographer Ivan Locksmith (he took this photo using a self timer delay) casually poses puffing on his pipe smoking something from his greenhouse. 

Retired boxer and wrestler Gaylord Grip props himself up on the brake van, his new job being ‘technical brute force’ to assist the back room boys in the brakevan technical area. Of course Royalty Liz & Margo are here to make to first telephone call (probably to call the pub to see when it opens). No event would be complete without our professional gin testers. 

Up on the tank, Neil and Neal are having a staring competition, they’re a couple of odd lads, you’ve probably met them at railway shows doing DCC demonstrations. 

Of course no event would be complete without smooth talking local bounder, cad and ladies’ man, Terry Tuttle-Thomas-Smythe, and definitely not a ladies’ man, straight talking Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery. They’re almost certainly involved, though something tells me the concept of a railway mounted ‘mobile telephone’ needs somewhat refining. But we must never get in the way of ingenuity, however flawed it might at first appear. 

Pete & Dud are operating the engine, and will nip back in to the cab in a moment. Pete has spotted something on TTTS’ hat, it’s possibly something to do with a seagull that flew over a short while ago. Bill from the Old Bill also has his eyes on TTTS, that is nothing new to be honest. 

And finally to the right, part time tap-dancing railway guard duo, service station and cafe owners Messrs Leigh & Delamere are performing one of their signature synchronised tap-dancing and mime acts in celebration for the camera. 

These little scenes take quite a bit of time to create and photograph  - if you have a moment you can support me here 🍻

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