Thursday, 28 July 2022

Gnat’s Todger

With all the recent small fabulous loco releases we forget the good old Hornby ‘Pug’. This an eBay find from 15 or so years ago, since repainted and numbered to represent one that was at Radstock for a short while back in the 1950s. The motor protrudes in to the cab, so some canvas side screens were fabricated from some black wrapping tissue (bought for wrapping presents for the mother in law). I found that widening the wheel back to backs by a gnat’s todger improved running - less waddle and slightly better pickup as it hugs the rails better. 

The 3 contractor’s side tipping spoil wagons are from the excellent white metal kits by RT Models. Here is the delightful consist creeping up the grade over the colliery weighbridge on my Polbrook Gurney Colliery layout.

These little scenes take quite a bit of time to create and photograph  - if you have a moment you can support me here 🍻

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