Friday, 29 July 2022

Taco Oven

It’s #frontendfriday again. Old trusty 58086 sporting a then new design of supersized black rubber loco lamp, poses in the brewery yard next to the brewery’s new ‘mechanical horse’ resplendent in red and cream. 

58086 after withdrawal in 1959 after many years on the Highbridge Branch, spent its final months next to the water softening plant on Bath Shed. Many think the loco was scrapped in 1960, but in fact it was bought by the brewery for use as a shunting loco. In the late 1960s, the loco was shipped to Latin America for use at a little known treacle mine, and so the tale should have ended. 

But, bringing things up to date, purely by chance, the engine was recently discovered by celebrity chef and loco fanatic (who wishes to remain anonymous, because he was trying to find a brothel at the time) lurking in the back of a seedy restaurant being used as a taco oven. Plans are underway to bring it back to the UK for restoration.

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