Friday, 1 July 2022

Look, No Hands!

It’s #frontendfriday again, and such a familiar tag, even the iPad I’m posting this from auto fills the tag in, that’s probably due to the fact that it’s the only tag I ever type, so the ‘A/I’ doesn’t have to try too hard I presume. 

Deliberation Dave is riding ‘hands free’ up the bumpy grade in to the colliery with a fresh batch of empties, for many a lesser man would be holding on for dear life. He’s always been good at balancing, for as a nipper he used to enjoy riding his bicycle without holding the handlebars. He is still very proficient at the skill, and has even worked out how the steer the bicycle with subtle leaning in the direction he wants to go. Obviously the same technique cannot be applied to a locomotive guided by the rails. And also the skill can be rather challenged by those winding Somerset lanes, those Hawthorn hedgerows generally leaving a reminder that the skill can always be improved upon. 

In contrast, Shunter Rhod, doesn’t have Dave’s skills, and would rather lean on his shunter’s pole to remain upright, even when standing still. In fact he’s never been seen without his pole, he even takes it with him when having his end of shift shower, claiming that it’s helped him avoid slipping up on the shared bar of soap in the colliery bathhouse. 

Help support me with this regular nonsense, these little scenes take quite a bit of time to create and photograph  - cheers 🍻

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