Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Weathering, stage one.....

D6313 plods in to Combwich with a goods from Bridgwater, August 1964.

Nearly all the photos of this class of loco show them in a right old state, even though they were fairly new. My depiction here, shortly after its initial weathering shows faded paintwork and a liberal coating of brake block dust. This is only the first stage, weathering for me taking 2 or 3 sessions, adding and removing the effect until I'm happy with the result, though probably more removal in this case. There is much standing back and appraising what's going on, the camera being a very useful tool in the process and far better at picking faults than the naked eye.


  1. Why would you do any more, the weathering is perfect!

  2. Stage 2 is removing a little, not adding more, this helps to create a used as well as grubby look. It looks a little too dusty. I'll need good light (daylight ideally) for the next bit which will involve a cloth with a hint of spirit to make a very slight sheen on the cleaner area. The bonus of this will be that inevitable finger prints are less likely to spoil the look.


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