Thursday 1 September 2011

New view and a little digression....

Here's a view of Brewhouse Quay which has only been possible for a day or two since the exit to the extra fiddle yard was created. A short telephoto effect makes an interesting slightly compressed view showing off the lightweight track and various ground textures between the rails and around the yard. As soon as one views 90 degrees to the light source, all sorts of interesting things start to happen texture-wise - the lighting here simply being the built in fluorescent tube that runs along the front.

Finding new angles is one of the aspects that interests me most about photographing model railways, and particularly so if it's a layout that has been well photographed for the popular press many times - finding that new angle that's never been captured before gives huge satisfaction.

Digressing slightly; I look forward to returning to Pendon at some stage to get some new and exciting angles. The various layouts there have hardly been touched in this respect, especially that the dinkiest of cameras can now give outstanding results that will blow up to double page spread, the small camera size allowing new vistas from all sorts of snug places. 

Really digressing - I'd love to shoot an HST in blue and grey blasting across the Vale Scene - it would be a sure hit and introduce a whole new generation to the delights of model railways!

Bigger version of the above

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