Friday, 16 September 2011

Web free for 24 hours

nevard_110916_BQ_IMG_1283_WEB by nevardmedia
nevard_110916_BQ_IMG_1283_WEB, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

It's amazing what can be achieved if one turns off the computer for 24 hours. This wasn't really planned, but it's Model Rail Live this weekend and I had a rather long list of things to complete which didn't involve hanging around all day on toy chuff chuff forums like a bar fly to stale beer......

The first job of the day; a EM76503 Pocketbond "Classix" Jen-Tug artic & flatbed trailer GG2301 in "British Railways" livery 'Mechanical Horse' received a load of sacks, removal of the British Railways badging and a blast of matt varnish. I then popped out to the model shop (Addlestone Models) and bought some fine brass chain for the 'rope' shunting. This evening my spur of the moment kit purchase in the form of a 4 wheeled GWR compo from Ratio took over the garden table in the fading light. This took about 4 hours from opening to box to weathering. Armchair modellers - pah! 

These 4 wheel ex-GWR carriages according to the blurb on the Ratio instructions mentioned that one or two lasted until the early 1950's in the Welsh Valleys - which was good enough for me, though it's unlikely that any were painted carmine - still, it's rather fetching don't you think? And don't worry about the number, it's total fiction and based on the few numbers I had left on the sheet of Pressfix! The reason why it's here? The brewery needed a runabout for the brewery directors and it was a cheap purchase of course!

Bigger version of the above photo here:

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