Thursday 8 September 2011

Model Rail - October 2011 / 161

October Model Rail is a ‘micro layout special’, showcasing 4 small layouts with big ideas. Brewhouse Quay my ‘quickie’ which has featured rather a lot on this blog dominates ‘Workbench’ this month and goes into a little more detail than seen to date.

If you’re at a loose end weekend after next on the 17 & 18 of September, pop by and see ‘BQ’ in all its 4ft x 2ft glory at Model Rail Live to have a closer look and ask a few questions.

Let's have a look at the rest of the magazine.....

• The Big Picture - showing the rather fabulous Ruddington, coming up next month in Model Rail. This layout is huge and no micro!
• News: Hattons announce garrett, images of Heljan’s DP2 and Olivia’s Trains EM1 and much more….
• Reviews: Kernow Model Centre's 'Beattie Well Tank' etc
• Micro Layout: Ingleton Sidings – Paul Allen’s clever ironing board micro.
• Micro and Much More – by artist, author and micro-expert Paul Lunn
• Masterclass: Class 08
• Model Rail DVD Offer
• Micro Layout: The Headshunt by Chris Phillimore
• The Runaway Carriage
• Workbench: Install Working Lights
• Workbench: Motorise Dapol’s Railbus
• Supertest: Roads
• Workbench: Install Moving Road Vehicles
• Workbench: Build a Portable Workstation
• Workbench/Layout: The Building of Brewhouse Quay (that’s mine!)
Model Rail Live Preview
• Ten Budget Scenic Ideas
• Micro Layout: Hennock
• Q&A
• Model Rail Shop
• Exhibition Diary
• Backscene – Chris Leigh always has the last word!

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