Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Swedish Stunner ends up more like a dusty old Aunty

I didn't think I'd have time to do this; a Bachmann Zillertalbahn carriage which has been stripped of its gawdy fairground livery and replaced with that of tired old varnished wood.
Much use was made of the technique of 'working' the almost set enamel used for weathering when it's slightly putty like as in a recent article in Model Rail by resident model maker extaordinaire George Dent.

The carriage here started off with an all over coat of cream (Halford's Peugeot Antelope Beige), various brown enamels were then applied with a small stiff brush working vertically until the paint almost set to give a streaky effect. Finally Ronseal Satin Black (water soluble when wet) was then applied and then brushed off with a 2 inch decorator's brush. All was sealed in with Railmatch Matt Varnish from an aerosol.

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  1. Very nice, the traverser in the next post looks the business too !

    Any closer pics of the finish on the coach ?


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