Friday, 7 May 2010

Getting Arne Wharf ready for RAILEX

With the excellent RAILEX being just a few short weeks away, attention has turned to Arne Wharf as I listen to the Election results coming in.

The little 3ft x 2ft 009 gauge micro has not been out for a couple of years, and what's more it's the only layout of mine that had until today not received a facelift with static grass and Noch Grasmaster.

In addition to new grass, I've updated the built in lighting, the 2 clear blue tinted 100w bulbs being replaced with a 2 ft 18w fluorescent strip and a single 100 incandescent bulb. Why? Well, the 2 clear blue bulbs were very harsh and created double shadows on everything, and more importantly as the expire it's going to be increasingly difficult to replace them.

The new mix of strip lighting gives me an even cool base, and the new single 100w providing a slightly warmer 'sun' with just one shadow. The close up shot here was taken under the new lighting - no studio lights! The static grass is also highlighted well here too - so much better than the popular ground foam ground cover which look nothing like grass!


  1. Looking really really good...a pleasure to see it again after so long.

  2. Looking great Chris! I *really* must invest in a Grasmaster. And that lighting arrangement is really effective. Another idea I might just 'borrow' from you!


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