Monday, 24 May 2010

Moving Image

090106cement-quay_clip, originally uploaded by nevardmedia.
Above: 08630 departs from a rather run down Cement Quay with a short rake of PCA cement wagons.

Most digital still cameras now have the option of being able to record video, with some of the very latest cameras being potentially capable of outperforming conventional video cameras. Indeed, some of the new breed of DSLRs are used in commercial HDTV production, with the large sensor giving a narrow depth of field much like a 35mm motion pictures camera like an Arri - something that is very much favoured by drama producers.

The above short clip however doesn't get anywhere near HD or even low definition VHS, it simply being just a bit of fun to see if I can get a bit of movement onto the web.


  1. I like that ! can we expect to see a Nevard Media YOUTUBE chanel next ?

  2. You have achieved your aim, well done. Now you just need to deveop a storyline, do a few storyboards, consider crosscuts between shots from opposite directions, and before you know it you're Marcel Varnel. Keep up the good work. Railway modelling would benefit from some real creativity.

  3. Nah - I've worked in TV for over 20 years - to be honest it bores me to tears and would only be even more time away from the modelling bench LOL!

    THANKS GUYS!! :-)


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