Saturday 13 April 2024

Whimsical Wonders at Brew Street: Basil's Brush, Waving Willy, and the Mystery of the Rooftop Duo

A happy Saturday at Brew Street, Freddy the Flag keeps an eye on the crossing whilst Waving Willy has jumped off the mobile moonshine production steam lorry to watch the arrival of a shiny wagon. 

Basil The Brush, identical half brother to Spence the Spanner, has just repainted an old wagon into ‘Somerset Collieries Radstock’ livery after finding an old photograph. As well as being a railway historian, Basil is a dab hand with his brush, and with a few simple but swift dabs of paint can produce outstanding results in just a minute or two. He’s even able to get different colours out of the same pot using the same brush. Though as my art teachers back in the day used to point out, white and black, or black and white technically aren’t colours. And neither is grey for that matter. And whilst beige is a colour, it shouldn’t be. Especially metallic beige on a Toyota Prius (with support stocking grey wipe-clean interior) much favoured by elderly bungalow dwellers around Eastbourne. 

Meanwhile Colin sits in the dinghy drooling over a tray of moonshine he’s just bought from Waving Willy, Colin is sorted by the look of things. And of course over there to the right, Bob Geeza Cat, stands next to Waving Wayne, who as usual is waving for no apparent reason. But who are those standing on the roof? One of them has a bag full of golf clubs, and the other a mystery case.… I’m sure we’ll find out in due course.


Thank you to those who support this daily (mostly) nonsense

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