Saturday 27 April 2024

The British Rail Ham Sandwich

Waving Willy and Waving Wayne wave in the arrival of the new covert mobile moonshine production rail car. Bought secondhand from British Rail, Laboratory 20 was originally used to develop food items and beverages for the British Rail catering department, known more commonly to you and I as ‘Travellers-Fare’. The vehicle which replaced Laboratory 19 has a fully fitted kitchen and extensive water boiling facilities, thus making it perfect for conversion in to a moonshine production plant.

This very unit was used in the initial creation of super-hot but completely tasteless coffee in a thin paper cup designed to burn the fingers of the customer. But more importantly it was used for the development the world-famous ‘British Rail Ham Sandwich’. 

This culinary delight was crafted using near dated cheap supermarket value white bread, and filled very creatively with a thin slice of sweaty ham skilfully arranged to make it look like there was more filling than there actually was. There was also a premium ham sandwich with the addition of an orange processed cheese slice. And with presentation and longevity being key, it was presented just above room temperature in cling film, and if you were lucky enough to be travelling first class, it was served on a BR ‘double arrow’ monogrammed paper plate. 


Help support the costly refit which will allow full moonshine production to recommence

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