Friday 19 April 2024

Clever Cat Spots Business Opportunity

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Not front end Friday 

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A day or two ago the long arm of the law intercepted the moonshiners, Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery looks on at the warehouse which until a day or two ago was full of casks of moonshine. 

Today all that remains are broken casks and the smell of liquor everywhere after everything was destroyed. The repurposed cattle wagon used for running moonshine across the Somerset border is a reminder of the once flourishing but illicit business which Barry had an unofficial but major interest in. But even the wagon is about to be towed away for scrapping, for cattle tends to be transported by road these days. 

Whilst Barry dwells on the demise of the business which will undoubtedly reappear in time, Bob Geeza Cat spots a full wooden cask of moonshine up on the warehouse roof and the large tank above the locomotive which was missed by the long arm of the law and meows to himself “business opportunity”. But whilst Bob is indeed a very clever cat, communicating his plan might be tricky, for few humans speak in ‘meow’, and few cats speak ‘human’ 🐾


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