Monday 15 April 2024

Monochrome Madness: Waving Wonders and Exploding Moonshine on Flat Holm

Monochrome Monday. Bob Geeza Cat, Waving Wayne and Waving Willy and in the cab Waving Wally are as usual waving in sync, with Double Denim Dancing Dando having his usual shimmy. Meanwhile another moonshine still has exploded on Flat Holm out in the Bristol Channel, thus making Flat Holm slightly flatter than before. 

You’ll be pleased to know that nobody was injured, for this is a regular occurrence and the moonshiners have an underground bunker they can quickly take cover in if it looks like things are about to go pear-shaped, or mushroom shaped in this instance 🍄

Pic taken on real b&w film, the very grainy Fomapan 400, grabbed with my Nikon FE through a 35mm lens.

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