Monday 22 April 2024

Pipe Organs & Spiders’ Web Sites.

 Monochrome Monday

Little Andrew Barclay and his trusty loco trundle down the 1 in 20 grade out of the colliery. Stopping is always fun, especially if the rails are wet or greasy or quite often both both. But Andrew Barclay and his partner in crime Noddy Nobhob (twin half cousin of Waving Wayne) make a great team, extracting every bit of braking power from the tiny engine, and in Noddy’s case - waving. 

On days off, Andrew Barclay plays his full sized pipe organ which is literally built into his ‘two up-two down’ in nearby Radstock. It’s taken him 20 years to build it from plumbing spares, old engine boiler tubes and pewter beer tankards. 

Noddy Nobhob, on his days off is building a huge website in his garden shed for his vast dead spider collection using those orange woven nylon string bags oranges come in. Noddy also collects diecast model buses and loves a sunday fry up with spam fritters and mushy peas garnished with a whole raw sliced onion. 

Much to everyone’s surprise, Andrew Barclay and Noddy Nobhob are currently single, but are actively seeking free and single ladies for fun nights in and maybe marriage. A working pulse not necessary.


Tech for the photoholics: Nikkormat FT2, 55mm Micro-Nikkor. Ilford FP4 - home dev & scan


Thank you to those who support the nonsense - cheers  😊

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