Wednesday 3 January 2024

Where’s All the Colour Gone Wednesday…..

Where’s All the Colour Gone Wednesday…..

The morning goods trundles through Catcott Crossing with a brake van immediately behind the engine. Clive can be seen on the veranda keeping guard over a stash of moonshine on the go within which needs to be finished and all bottled up by the time the trains gets to Highbridge Wharf. 

But fear not nervous ones, there is a brake van on the other end of the 12 wagon train (it’s out of frame beyond the tree should any clever clogs comment), the consist today being coal, fertiliser, Clark’s shoes from nearby Street, beer from Burton, pickled gherkins, bagged brewing malt & hops, atonal apples, amplified heat and pressed rat's collection of doglegs and feet. Gosh there could be lyrics for a song in this plentiful load. 

Waving Willy is waving at his runner beans trying to get the colour back into them, for they were definitely green yesterday when he last watered them. But is looks like someone has poached the colour today, possibly due to a pigment shortage at the rainbow factory in nearby Glastonbury which produces delightful radiant aerial colour displays for use on showery sunny days. 

Tech. Nikkormat FT2, 55mm Micro Nikkor, Ilford FP4. 


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