Saturday 20 January 2024

Eye Test

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Occasionally at the colliery, under the watchful eye of Barry Bullhead from the Ministry of Misery, failed optician Pointy Pellegrino performs eye tests using whatever there is to hand on unsuspecting employees of the railway. 

Today, Fred the Flag is having a random eye test as Pointy Pellegrino points at a suitable subject with plenty of lettering and numbers, “Eh Fred, what letter is the second letter in from the left that looks like an ‘E’? And next, what is the letter that looks like a ‘Y’ on the right?” …. And so it goes on..

Needless to say, Fred the Flag, even though he’s colour blind and boss-eyed scores 100% as he correctly identifies every letter and number. This suits Barry Bullhead, for it confirms to those above him that everyone is happy, and has perfect eyesight under his watch, which means that he’ll get another bonus for outstanding services to The Ministry. He might even get an CBE in due course as he slowly gets his feet into the cat little tray of The Establishment. 

Alas poor old Pointy Pellegrino will be forgotten in time, and just have to settle for pointing out the obvious. Hey Ho. 


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