Thursday 4 January 2024

Foggy Thursday

 Foggy Thursday

Boatman Bruce Bottlenose careful eases his fully loaded narrowboat away from the wharf with a fresh load of coal. The load here heading for the canal water pumping station further up the valley. He does this trip twice a month, and always quite enjoys it because there are only 2 locks during the 5 mile trip. The Aqueduct Inn is right next to the pumping station, so that will almost certainly be visited on the journey, another reason for enjoying this run. 

Wifelet (he has several) Mavis Bottlenose is in the boatman’s cabin making tea and bacon butties. Something that will go down well on this chilly damp morning I’m sure. 

Peter Peckett and his trusty loco has just arrived to collect the empty wagons to take them back to the colliery. Part of the siding slopes down to the wharf, so there might be a little slippage as the tiny loco wheels struggle to grip the greasy wet rails. 

The ominous looking Standard Flying 12 has been parked on the wharf all night, but no one knows who owns it. Rumour has it some men from The Ministry are snooping about. They tend to be in camouflage, so are tricky to spot unless they move. Three of them are in this shot disguised as inanimate objects. Can you spot any of them? 


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