Wednesday 17 January 2024

Waving Wednesday

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Waving Wednesday 

It’s Wednesday morning at Catcott, as the morning pick up goods collects an empty mineral wagon from the small goods yard. 

Standing on the bridge, Waving Willy waves over at his brother Waving Waving Wally who is driving the steam lorry over there in the distance beyond the ground frame (you can just see Wally in the cab). Like Willy, Wally also waves all the time, even in his sleep by all accounts. This can make for driving the steam lorry quite a challenge, it requiring at least two hands, sometimes three to keep it going in a straight line. But Wally manages to steer and even stoke the fire with just one hand. Champion. 

Driver and part time thespian at the local amateur dramatics society, Blessed Brian booms over to Willy from the locomotive, “hello dear boy, lovely to see you”, as he presumes Waving Willy’s wave is for him rather than Waving Wally on the steam lorry. But that’s okay, because Willy has enough waves for everyone. And Blessed Brian loves any excuse to boom with his deep baritone voice. 

Meanwhile Bob Geeza cat waves his long bushy tail in response to all the waving. Such a clever cat. 


If you like a good wave really helps to keep these posts regular.


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