Friday 5 January 2024

Far Out Friday (man)

 Far Out Friday (man) 

Over there in the distance, as usual the local bus service is late, and is unable to be the other side of the crossing to coincide with the arrival of the 11.43 Evercreech to Highbridge service. Not that it is timetabled to anyway, because things are made as difficult for the passenger as possible to justify the removal of bus and rail services to please the beancounters in that there London. 

That’s Cecil Fish-Finger’s Morris 8 Series E parked next to the good shed. Very little in the way of goods are handled at Catcott these days, so it’s become a popular hang-out for Morris 8 owners, Cecil being the first to arrive on the scene. 

Nobody, whilst they have heard about this ‘hanging out’ thing, really knows what goes on in the goods shed, but occasionally jingly-jangly music, rattling bells and cracking of willow sticks can be heard from within suggesting the Morris owners are having some kind of dance or possibly pagan ritual. But the Somerset Levels are an ancient mystical place, which until only a few hundred years ago was under water, many of the locals still having gills and occasionally webbed feet to link them to their recent aquatic past, so anything is possible. 


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