Sunday 21 January 2024

The Flying Scotsman

 Today we have an photo from my time machine as 4472 ‘The Flying Scotsman’, on The Blackmore Vale Express aka The Sherborne Lunch Express, thunders out of Salisbury on the 7th of June 1987 with a fine display of clag, something which will almost certainly create nightmares for the more neurotic climate alarmist. 

I remember the bridge, ‘Skew Bridge’ on the western side of Salisbury was rather busy that day, with dozens of squealing gricers including me, pointing their cameras at the spectacle. Being a poser, I had two Rolleicord cameras mounted on a bracket (basically a strip of aluminium with a 1/4inch hole at either end to bolt the cameras in place), one with Ektachrome 100 and this one with good old Kodak Tri-X, thus allowing a simultaneous colour and B&W exposure. 

Looking to the right of the train, railway allotments were still a thing back in the 1980s, but sadly they’re very much a thing of the past if you pop this view into Google Street View. I presume down to health and safety, but I’m sure more injuries occurred due to over enthusiastic use of a fork or pruning secateurs than unwittingly wandering on to the track in front of the 11.00 Waterloo to Exeter, but I’m happy to admit that I know nothing… 


This is thirsty work, refreshments always help

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