Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Young Isambard

Tuesday morning in the small yard at Catcott. Today Pete and Dave are in charge of the daily pick up goods from Evercreech to Highbridge Wharf. Young Isambard, a western man from Taunton is learning the route, that’s him up there in the cab. Western Region men are treated with much suspicion, it’s something that’s being going on for decades with great rivalry between the S&DJR and GWR and now even more poignant due to the rumoured BR Western Region take over of much of the former Somerset & Dorset network. 

Pete and Dave appear to be planning some kind of prank, which could involve Isambard being sent off to ask the crossing keeper if he could borrow a chocolate tea pot, or fetch some extra steam for the engine on the coal shovel. 

Meanwhile in the distance over Mendip, it looks like it might storm shortly if the sky is anything to go by. It’s been a hot week, so a break in the heat will be welcomed, especially by the loco crews. But we didn’t complain as much in olden times, for we were tougher back then, with many men and women having directly experienced one or even two world wars. 


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