Saturday, 4 February 2023

Weather Balloon

At first it looks just like any other normal day, but in the land of the inch high, we know that there is no such thing. 

Looking up to the roof on the left, Barry Bullhead oversees his merry band of moonshiners up on the roof of the cooperage. They’re testing out the new cooperage hot and cold water supply tanks apparently, so all is well there. They’ve have been back several times over the last few days to check that it’s all working correctly, such dedication. Highly recommended! 

The ex LNWR ’Webb Coal Tank’ still has yet to return to Shrewsbury engine shed, but it’s unlikely they’ll miss it too much, for as mentioned a week or so ago, 58926 is a bit of a roamer. 

Driver Reg is chatting to Deliberation Dave about things they could do on their rest days, but as we know, Dave hates a break from the norm. Rufus Hound appears to have adopted Dave for company today, for he’s a friendly hound, far too friendly in fact, for as we know he’s Deidre’s dog. 

Deidre and Farmer George (he being one of 2 identical brothers both named George) still appear to be an item, but she still hasn’t worked out that she’s dating identical twins who share the same name. She’s simply impressed with his amazing stamina and ability to keep going, which she simply puts down to his skills maintaining his throbbing farm tractor which keeps him fit. 

Twitchers Cider, the big mass factory cider producer of the area, are testing out their new ‘weather balloon’. It’s quite sophisticated by all accounts, it having the ability to change altitude quickly to take advantage of different wind patterns. Apparently its purpose is to help them to monitor the weather and plan where to plant new apple orchards and such. It even carries a big camera to help identify suitable locations. The smaller bespoke cider producers don’t consider it to be a threat, but they will keep an eye on it. 


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