Thursday, 2 February 2023

Missed the Boat

At Combwich harbour Skinny Jim and Lanky Les have just missed the monthly boat to the tiny island of Flat Holm in the middle of the Bristol Channel. Which is a shame because they’ve just rolled 3 casks of oak aged cider 5 miles along the country lanes from their remote farm up in the hills. So it looks like the booze starved residents of the tiny island will again have to hope for another booze carrying ship to run aground in the style of the classic film, Whisky Galore. 

Jim & Les had planned to use the old Austin 7, bit really is too small to carry any kind of cargo, and anyway is extremely unreliable. The nearby island of Steep Holm (which is frequently confused with Flat Holm) specialises in moonshine production, so the islanders of Flat Holm should consider setting up something similar, after all, a little competition is always good. 

In the meantime the mid morning service from Templecombe via Highbridge arrives. It’s a longer train than usual, because it’s the annual West of England Woodlouse Chewing Extravaganza, which this year is being hosted at the nearby The Star Inn. This pub as we know has weekly ladies’ wasp chewing competitions, so running this prestigious event should be a doddle. Mmm, crunchy. 


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