Thursday 29 April 2010

Paint it Red

Some more progress with my rather long winded Chivers Finelines LNER Dia 120 4W BY Pigeon Brake Van. Long winded, not because it's a bad kit, but quite the opposite, long winded because there are simply not enough hours in the day, or days in the week!

Here the little van after 4 coats of Railmatch BR Crimson aka Carmine aka blood. If this van was not going to be weathered I would have added just one more coat, the undercoat just showing a little. It's numbered up as the penultimate one in the batch produced of the van design and finished off with a coat of Railmatch Matt Varnish to seal everything in before weathering.

It's interesting when seeing old photographs that BR Carmine looks quite orange rather than the pinky tone here. Of course these colours did fade very quickly in real life, going matt and pale within months. I imagine early colour emulsions tended to record colours differently to how the eye saw them too - adding to the mystery. Also different paint shops I'm sure had their own take on things, so it's quite reasonable to have plenty of colour variations.

PS, it's still to be glazed and the roof glued into place...

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