Friday 23 April 2010

Lead Weight

Progress has been slow with this wagon, not for any other reason that I've been very busy after the recent house move and photography of other people's model making.

Some 'Liquid Lead' suspended in PVA has been used to give the Chivers Finelines' LNER Gresley Full Brake some much needed extra weight. I'm not very technical on this front other that if in doubt add a little more. My trains are only short so any excess is hardly an issue.

Beware of using this weighting technique for enclosed areas like engine boilers - there have been several reported incidents of the PVA/Lead mixed expanding a little - resulting in pop! It's unlikely to be an issue here when the concoction has room to expand a little.

The little lengths of sprue are to reduce the risk of the sides bowing in which they do tend to do with age.

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