Saturday 3 April 2010

The First Bit of Model Making in Months

Left - click to enlarge.

The first bit of model making this year in the form of a Chivers Finelines LNER Dia 120 4W Gresley Panelled Full Brake (Pigeon Van).
Lots more to do, but a start at remembering what glue, a craft knife and fingers do.....

The plan is to finish it in early BR Carmine which always looks good in a faded weathered condition. Much detail still to add in the underframe area and ends.

I've not constructed too many Chivers Finelines kits before, but something that does always impress me is just how crisp and well finished the mouldings are with little in the way of flash or badly fitting elements. They are also very good value too with this vehicle retailing at £8 minus wheels.

I'll post more progress in due course.......

1 comment:

  1. Fantastic! The Pigeon Brake is on my list to make when I find some time...



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