Saturday 24 April 2010

LNER 'Pigeon' Brakevan update

A little more progress with the Chivers Finelines LNER Dia 120 4W Gresley Panelled Full Brake (Pigeon Van).

I like to blast rolling stock with a coat of matt black, especially the underframe area which can be tedious if done by brush, in this case I used an aerosol one from Halfords. These car paints are super tough and make a great base for further painting.

Since taking the photo, a 2nd coat BR Carmine is drying; I was going to use a dead ringer car colour from Halfords (Ford Rosso Red) but have discovered a fresh tin of Railmatch BR Carmine (aka 'Railmatch : 311 : Crimson') in my paint collection which is doing just fine......
Actually as I look at the photo here, I'm very tempted to do another in finished in departmental black livery as part of an engineering train. How accurate this would be I have no idea, but it think it would look the part.


  1. Looking really good! Did any of these ever make it into BR maroon?

    I think a black departmental variant is a great idea. This is just the sort of older vehicle that ended up eking out its final years on a PW or breakdown train.

  2. I gather these lasted into the 1970's so not only lined maroon but BR Blue could be an option. The model here is all painted up n BR Carmine now and just awaiting numbers and a bt of weathering. I'll add another update with snaps then. I've been rushed off my feet recently hense few decent updates. Hopefully normal servce will resume soon!

  3. Looks good, interesting idea coating up with black first, do you find you need more of the crimson topcoat to cover the black ?


    ps the text in you last comment is spilling out of the box on the right side ;)

  4. In hindsight some red primer would have helped here, the
    Railmatch Crimson/Carmine didn't have agreat deal or pigment in
    it, with it needng 4 thin coats.
    Text spilling off might be the new style sheet.


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