Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Model Rail Magazine May 2010 (143)

May 2010 Model Rail is dedicated to micro layouts, with plenty to illustrate that you can create something even in the tiniest of spaces. By contrast, the delightful Nettlebridge Valley Railway also featured is by total contrast around 35 feet long.

Below; a rundown of this month's highlights - oh yes, and there's a little about me and my latest trainset....
  • Heljan Class 15 and 86
  • Dapol Class 86
  • Hornby Mk3 DVT
  • Ixion 'Manor' 4-6-0
  • Nettlebridge Valley Railway - Somerset freelance
  • Lima Class 59 upgrade with Bachmann parts
  • Meet Chris Nevard
  • Class 37 sound
  • Urban backdrop
  • Aerosols supertest
  • Grove Street Yard - small space small budget
  • George Dent makes a pond
  • Pilot Road - N in a box file
  • Little Boxley - shoebox layout
  • Whatlington - 3mm:1ft from Peter Bossom
  • Fitting ViTrains mech to a Lima 47
  • Masterplan - micro layouts
  • Micro advice - Chris Nevard
  • Plus all the regulars (except Backscene)


  1. Pictures look great :D

    Question for you, though - you use C&L code 75 rail + Peco finescale points. Do you have any good shots of the transition between the two in terms of sleeper spacing? Is it noticeable?

  2. As long at the sleepers and ballast are similar in colour it looks fine. Black sleepers and pale ballast would not work.

  3. Chris did you evaluate Exactoscale and/or SMP before opting for C&L?
    Haven't seen the mag yet but like your previous work a lot.

  4. It's SMP and Peco code 75 - why SMP? Simply because I had some spare at home. Given the choice I prefer C&L - the chair profile is more distinct. I used all C&L for Catcott Burtle including points..

  5. My copy just arrived on the left-side of the pond...nice article're a star!!! ;o)



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