Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Emperor's New Clothes

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blog-grab, a photo by nevardmedia on Flickr.

Having worked in TV land for many years, I'm used to broadcasters relaunching TV channels at least once a year with a 'bold new look'. There then follows a much promise of a 'better viewing experience' and lots of other 'exciting' reasons for the change - mostly thought up by people that shouldn't really have a job.  

In the good old days, these clowns would have been bashing tin buckets together, cutting the individual sprocket holes in 16mm film by hand, sticking labels on things (traffic wardens are the only ones that do that these days in the UK, but even they're mostly Polish) or something else useful instead. But of course we don't make anything anymore here in Blighters, so we have to give these people what I call 'non-jobs' which tend to have 'executive' or 'consultant' on the end of their menial position to help them with the chat up lines at office parties and to help console the the fact that they're earning less than they were 5 years ago - "Hello, I'm Wayne and I'm a product locus executive" (tells the shelf stacker where to stand to you and me).

To the point of this post, the BLOG; you might have noticed the olde-worlde look in place of the previously slightly garish look. It is very much a case of Emperor's New Clothes, because the content will be just as repetitive and dull as before - in fact, just like much of the the telly I've been involved with for quarter of a century.

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