Wednesday 29 May 2024

Flangeway Clearances

Wednesday at Moorewood  Colliery. The morning goods hauled by ex GWR Collett No. 3206 of Templecombe shed trundles along the mainline, which since the takeover of the line by the Western Region of BR has become a regular performer. 

Meanwhile at the colliery, Hubert the Conversational Latin speaking horse is preparing to chase Barry Bullhead from the ministry of Misery off site. I’m not quite sure of the developing issue here, but Mr Bullhead does ruffle feathers regularly, or horse hair in this case. 

Meanwhile Reg, Clive and Egbert discuss flangeway clearances, their favourite subject and always a winning chat up line with the ladies down the Wheeltappers & Shunters. Needless to say for some reason, despite being late middle aged they’re still single and live at home with ‘mother’, though in Clive and Egbert’s case ‘mother’ is in the cellar under the trainset, she has been for many years and never complains. 


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