Saturday 25 May 2024

Super Shiny Saturday!

It’s Super Shiny Saturday!

At the little known Moorewood Colliery, high up in the Mendip Hills, it would appear that management have been out splashing the cash again with the arrival of a super shiny bright red engine that looks more like something you’d see on the rides at the fairground. 

Deliberation Dave thinks it’s a little too twee for a colliery engine which will mostly be pushing and pulling wagons about loaded with coal and occasionally potatoes for moonshine production. And why is the engine named after an Italian cheese frequently grated over spaghetti bolognaise he thinks to himself. 

To the right, snivelling little tick Neil who’s always taking the knee at any excuse, is in awe of the shiny smokebox door for some reason. And being super submissive, he’s looking forward to polishing the engine unpaid outside work hours at the command of his boss even though it won’t need the full up and under every day. 

Next to the steam roller, Waving Willy is waving at something out of shot to the right, but he always waves, so it’s probably not significant, but you my reader might have some suggestions, so fire away….

And finally, Rufus Hound is covering for Bob Geeza Cat (who is currently on holiday in Kathmandu), posing in just the right spot to balance the composition. Bob taught Rufus everything he needs to know. Such a clever dog 🐾


You can chuck Bob a Sov or two here for being such a good trainer …

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