Thursday 16 May 2024

Inspired by Titfield Thunderbolt Thursday

 Inspired by Titfield Thunderbolt Thursday! 

Before the famous loco was called ‘Titfield’ and later on ‘Thunderbolt’ it was known an ‘Lion’. And here we see this mighty beast heading away from stormy skies over the crossing at Catcott with ‘The Bog Express’ which ran every Thursday between Evercreech Junction and Burnham on Sea and return across the Somerset Levels. 

Those in the land of the inch high love this train, even though they never travel on it, and here we witness many of our favourite chums waving the mighty sight through travelling at a groundbreaking 22 miles per hour. 

Today, with the train moving rather faster than normal, this is mainly because without a cab roof and the impending rainstorm things could get rather damp on the footplate. They say that we were tougher in olden times, which is complete nonsense, especially if you’re a cat, and whilst Bob Geeza Cat is a bit of a geezer, like all cats he hates the rain. 


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