Monday 6 May 2024

Through the Square Window

Bob Geeza Cat and Grumbly Eric look at the solitary locomotive standing between the side of The Pedant and Armchair and the line into the colliery. 

Eric is the driver of the engine, but needed to get off the for a breather having rather overdone things in the pub last night. He and his pals Waving Willy, Waving Wally, Waving Wichard and Waving Weginald imbibed too much local cider whilst jumping on the tables dancing to The Footplate Stompers skiffle and jazz quartet who regularly perform at The Pedant & Archair on bank holiday weekends. 

Viewing from the fiddle/staging yard, I took this photo with a 1966 vintage Mamiya C33 twin lens reflex on good old Kodak Tri-X B&W film.

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