Thursday 25 May 2023

WTF Thursday

 It’s #WTFthursday, formerly known as #titfieldthunderboltthursday

Ever since the arrival of the smug virtue signalling do-gooder blue engine on the scene, the loco crew have been getting increasingly fed up being reported to control for bending the rules slightly like bricking up irritating engines in tunnels and other such harmless jovial malarkey. 

In revenge for being snuck on, they’ve filled the blue engine’s tanks with moonshine instead of the usual water in an attempt to make the loco fit in better in the naughty mischievous land of the inch high. 

It’s certainly had quite an impact, because the blue engine and its train forgot to stop at all the stations on route to Brew Street before finally running out of puff here right in front of us, for moonshine tends not to last nearly as long as water for powering a steam locomotive. Now the prank is over, the inch high better fill the tanks with water, because inevitable the hangover has definitely begun if those bloodshot eyes are anything to go by. 

*Disclaimer before I get get snitched on and reported to Barry Bullhead from The Ministry of Misery. Please never fill a teetotaller’s water tanks with booze, it’s not a nice thing to do, and could result all sorts of nastiness like glowing eyes and more serious hazards like silly dancing and ‘the wobbles’. 

And finally, I apologise to the many devoted fans of the smug blue engine which brings much joy to the young, old and lonely whilst making the super rich richer.


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