Tuesday 9 May 2023

Telephoto Tuesday

 Telephoto Tuesday

Double Denim Dando as we know loves a shimmy, but today he’s wearing his tap dancing shoes, to make a clicketty clack sound in time with wheels over rail joints as Driver Andrew powers his Barclay built loco and train of coal trucks past the halt.

Apart from the wall of The Pedant & Armchair pub to the left, everything is leaning one way or the other. This is caused by the extensive mining and a network of collapsed tunnels several hundred feet underground. Okay, that’s my excuse for less than perfect model making. But there is a prototype for everything they say. 

Today, I used a 40 year old Tamron 70-210 ‘Adaptall’ zoom lens to make a change from the popular everything in focus style. You can find these lenses for just a few sovs on eBay and can be easily fitted to modern digital cameras with the many adapters available. Minimum focus even in so called ’macro mode’ is around 3 feet, roughly where the loco is, but that’s fine for a shot like this, with the narrow depth of field making a nice change from the norm.  


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