Monday 15 May 2023

iPhone 14 pro in mono mode

Monochrome Monday again, and because the colour meter isn’t topped up until Tuesday morning at the earliest, and because of colour overuse during the week prior, it usually runs out on Sunday night resulting in Monday’s monochrome post.

Read yesterday’s post for the full story…

This is PC Rob Bank’s angle on yesterday’s events. It turns out that he’s a keen railway photographer, and uses frequently his powers to get photographs that the likes of you and I can’t get, though this photo is taken on public land… 

Nonsense aside, I simply used the monochrome mode on an iPhone 14pro for this snap with just a light tweak in the built in editor to boost the shadows a little after. Imagine going back in time 60 years and telling a person of that time that if they’re still around in 2023 they’ll be able to do this with a telephone which they can keep in their pocket. 

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