Monday 29 May 2023

Fully Detailed Interior

A little earlier, the little people from the land of the inch high were very keen to see the inside of that new fangled 6 wheeled SE&CR brakevan from those there snazzy folk at Rapido Trains UK. They’d heard the rumour that it has a fully detailed interior, something you cannot appreciate seeing the roof is glued on. But Double Denim Dando, West of England Cider & Dance Festival Championship runner up 1952-1955 is good at opening up glued joints with the sharp end of his tap dancing shoes. 

Once inside, they were able to fully appreciate the fully detail interior with stove, benches and separately applied bracing. What a winner they came to conclusion, now only if we can get those doors to open. But Double Denim Dando is working on that. 

Beware you’ll most likely invalidate any warranty prying the rood off, but it’s only very lightly attached and is easily popped off with fingernails without having to resort to the sharp end of a tap dancing shoe.  


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  1. Saw the photo of the van on it's side and and mis-read the title as fully derailed interior. Think of the work Double Denim Dando could have saved himself if he'd only thought to look through the window.


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