Saturday, 11 June 2022

Martin, Taylor & Gibson Moonshiners

Saturday, and here we are behind The Pedant & Armchair, our photographer hanging off one of those new mini helicopter ’photography sky hook’ devices to grab the elevated photo here. It’s the early 1960s, so of course it’s simple technology, the rotor blades are powered by a large wind up rubber band. The flight is brief, only 23 seconds in fact, so the photographer suspended underneath has to be quick to get his or her shot. 

Sorry, I’m droning on, but looking over to the tiny halt we see an ex GWR pannier tank arriving with an old auto coach. Our engine isn’t auto-train fitted, so it will have to run around its train at the destination at Frome. But the bonus for the passenger is the fabulous view afforded by the large windows not only on either side, but also out of the rear. 

There’s music at the pub this lunchtime, and country & western trio ‘The Martin Taylor & Gibson Moonshiners’ are setting up for a bit of yeee harrr plinky croony strummy winky. That’s their blue Morris Eight Series E in the foreground. 

Quite how they managed to get themselves and all their kit in it I’m not sure. But in these olden times we’re a little more resilient generally. Most likely, Gibson being the shorter of the three by around an inch or so travelled on the rear parcel shelf. 

Help support me with this regular nonsense, these little scenes take quite a bit of time to create and photograph  - cheers 🍻

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