Monday, 27 June 2022

County Lines

Monochrome Monday. Catcott Crossing, as an ex GWR ‘pannier tank’ briefly blocks the crossing. The old Austin 7 looks like Beryl’s, but the car appears to be empty. It’s been parked there since late last night in fact. Rumour has it Beryl was seen changing trains at Evercreech Junction around 8am this morning with an unusual for her doctor style leather bag. She normally has one of those tartan trolley bags on wheels, the type much favoured by bungalow dwellers who drive support stocking beige Rovers. 

During the war, it’s rumoured Beryl worked for MI5, and despite now being well in to her 90s still performs covert operations. Of course it might just be nonsense and just a county lines operation selling morphine infused haemorrhoid lotion to the over 55s.

Help support me with this regular nonsense, these little scenes take quite a bit of time to create and photograph  - cheers 🍻

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