Thursday, 26 May 2022

Blocked Loo

Thursday morning on Combwich shed. Old ‘216 gently simmers between assignments whilst basking in the warm sunshine in this remote part of the Somerset Levels. On the left we see local guesthouse owner Mrs Miggins’ mauve coloured Morris Traveller - another one of those bad colour choices if resale is ever in mind. But at least it’s not metallic brown, so it could be worse.

The brave old lady is using the loo just to the left of the car, her own one being temporary unusable due to a human head being found in it. This is of course from the days before bathroom en-suites, with just one shared loo for both residents and owners. 

Her 58 year old live-at-home son Timothy Miggins works on the railway, his job is to count fishplate holes between Highbridge, Combwich and Bridgwater once a week. He’s allowed ‘mother’ on site to use the stinking loo whilst the local constabulary investigate the rancid head which is blocking the one at the guesthouse. 

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