Wednesday 30 November 2011

Salute to the glass-half-empty brigade

Train nuts aren't known for having the most positive outlook on life, here are a few comments I've picked up over recent times, many on internet forums sadly.
Of course this is only the tip of the iceberg, but I'm sure you can add some real corkers....
  • Didn't buy that mag it because it was plastic bagged
  • Hope they do it in N gauge soon
  • Why do I have to pay for it?
  • There's nothing in it for me
  • Photography, these days it's all Photoshop!
  • Not enough modern image
  • Not enough steam
  • Not enough Z gauge
  • Too expensive
  • The never reply to my emails
  • Help me, I don't know what to model
  • Which scale is right for me?
  • Armchair
  • You don't want to do it like that, you want to do it like this!
  • That question has been answered many times before, why didn't you think of using the search function?
  • Not enough time to make a layout because I don't know how to turn the computer off!
  • I hate television
  • Grrr, the X-factor!
  • Don't like gurls
  • The car parking is dreadful at that show
  • Lima class 50s look much better than Hornby ones
  • Female
  • Mother has lovely hands
  • Said engine
  • Said poster
  • S&D means Stockton and Darlington not the Somerset & Dorset!
  • My mate said he saw a Deltic on the SDJR in 1961
  • Giving up and taking up stamp collecting
  • They don't do the number I want
  • They don't do the colour I want
  • Warley parking is far too expensive
  • Prototype or fiction?
  • Prototype is better!
  • Fiction is better!
  • I want mummy
  • Don't like colour
  • Don't like B&W
  • Giving up
  • I don't smell
  • I stink because I wash in beer once a year!
  • My rucksack is bigger than yours
  • I ordered a Bachmann 3F 3 years ago and I'm still waiting
  • Ex-pat; why don't I get the same deal as UK readers?
  • It's not fair 'cos I can't afford it
  • Help!
  • Can I get Waterloo onto a sheet of 4 x 2 in O gauge?
  • Mummy!
  • Why don't manufacturers make that loco?
  • P4 is better than S4
  • It's my trainset
  • Bad grammar
  • Youth of today
  • Why don't magazines employ proof reader?
  • That feature on the Class 87 was all wrong, they should have asked here first!
  • In my day...
  • Divorced
  • Too many adverts
  • Off to put the kettle on
  • Just dropped onto the doormat
  • Can't wait, mine was posted today!
  • Lost my modelling mojo
  • Why don't gurls like me?


  1. . I don't care what the prototype did.

  2. I like to post lists on my blog and then read them out to Mother

  3. Nothing past 1973 and only OO please.

  4. I think I should also post this link:

    In fact I think it should be on a lot of forums !

  5. The curve of the nose of the Victorian Railways S class diesel is all wrong and I can prove it using a high resolution aerial photograph.

  6. This list is a cracker!

    How about: "But those wheels aren't fine scale" or " xyz organization/club have a standard for that" ...... Ugh !


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